This Infographic Offers Bathing Suit Suggestions Based on Body Type

This swimsuit guide and infographic offers suggestions on what kind of bathing suit to get based on your body type. From Australian Spas and Pools, 'The Right Swimsuit For Your Body Type' gives plenty of recommendations whether you are athletic, curvy, pear shaped or have "tummy troubles." So if you're looking for a new suit for the summer season, this swimsuit guide could help you be more decisive.

For example, the chart says curvy girls should try wearing bathing suits with an asymmetrical cut, solid colors and small prints, two pieces with built-in support for the bust (like an underwire). Picks from 2Bamboo, Topshop, Puma and Mossimo for Target all fit the bill.

However, ASAP's number one tip is to "own it and be confident" regardless of your body type.