SwiftKey ShakeSpeak Celebrates Shakespeare's 400th Death Anniversary

 - Apr 11, 2016
References: blog.swiftkey & theverge
If you've always wanted to woo women like William Shakespeare or simply talk like the famed bard, than the SwiftKey ShakeSpeak is just for you. It was created to celebrate the 400th anniversary of his death. Honoring his legacy has never been more fun, however. Through SwiftKey ShakeSpeak, people will be able to finish his famous quotes thanks to its predictive properties as well as turn their own casual speech into something resembling that of a playwright.

The SwiftKey ShakeSpeak was the result of poring over all of Shakespeare's works carefully in order to distil the essence of his speech and art form. The Verge writes, "To sound a bit more like the Bard, they recommend you use "thou," "thee," and "thy" and also start sentences out with exclamations like "Ha!," What!," and "Hark!"