The Swell Scupper is Touted as the World's Fastest Sit-On-Top

 - Jun 21, 2017
References: kickstarter & digitaltrends
When one thinks of a kayak, they typically summon to mind the long, narrow boats that paddlers sit inside, but the Swell Scupper is a kayak of a different color. Rather than a sit-inside kayak, the Swell Scupper is a sit-on-top kayak, a format that offers paddlers far more comfort than the traditional kayaking counterpart.

Since paddlers are raised up above the kayak in the Scupper, one might expect the boat to suffer in terms of performance (thanks to a significantly higher center of gravity.) Clever engineering has upended that expectation, as the Scupper is being touted as the world's fastest recreational sit-on-top kayak. It achieves its high speeds thanks to a fast hull, lowered footwells, and a hull-integrated rudder system.