This Suzuki Motorbike Gives You An Extra Take-Off Boost

 - Jul 26, 2016
References: & gizmag
Suzuki motorbikes have long been renowned the world over for the manner in which they boldly and audaciously embrace new automotive technologies in order to enhance the riding experience of their loyal customers. This reputation looks set to be boosted further thanks to the GSX S1000 motorbike.

This particular Suzuki motorbike's highlight feature is a takeoff assist system that applies a little bit of extra fuel whenever you release the clutch in first gear, which is extremely useful when performing u-turns. As far as regular specs are concerned, this bike boasts a 145 horsepower capacity and 106 newton-meters of torque.

The Suzuki GSX S1000 is a great motorbike for those looking for an improved user-automobile interaction experience.