Entocycle Uses Insect-Based Protein to Build a More Sustainable Food Chain

 - Aug 22, 2017
References: entocycle & techcrunch
In an effort to address the environmental impact of farming animals for meat, this company is using bugs to help build a more sustainable food chain. Entocycle makes healthy food for livestock by turning food waste into an insect-based protein for the purpose of reducing intensive animal farming.

Using larvae, they produce an alternative feed that is said to to be superior to soymeal, due to the amount of rainforests destroyed for the purpose of growing soy crops. Many fish and free-range poultry eat insects naturally as part of their diet. Using black soldier flies as a source of protein for livestock and aquaculture purposes is more eco-friendly and 320 times more efficient than conventional soya production with Entocycle's vertical farming technology. They also provide food waste management services.