João Teixeira Constructs Ecological Boards Using Reclaimed Materials

 - May 15, 2016
References: amorimcork & designboom
João Teixeira is an innovative designer dedicated to helping create ecological products that are environmentally friendly, and so the creative has teamed up with Amoirm Cork to create surfboards designed out of sustainable cork waste. The cork is used to create a durable, lightweight and recycled board that is an asset to use on the open water as well as beneficial for the environment.

Despite the immersive and natural of the water sport, surfboards are often made from harmful materials such as plastics, fiberglass and resins. Teixeira's designers offer a wholesome alternative that retains the strength of a traditional board, but is made using much more ecological means. The boards are put together using expanded cork fasted with flax fiber and three wooden fins. The board is thick, strong and expertly crafted.

Photo Credits: designboom, amorimcork