These Survival Capsules Protect Inhabitants from Natural Disasters

 - May 22, 2014
References: survival-capsule & gizmag
Washington-based company Survival Capsules LLC developed these steel and aircraft-grade aluminum spheres to protect people from natural disasters. The orange orbs are designed to protect people from tsunamis, hurricanes, heavy storms, earthquakes and tornadoes. They were designed by aircraft engineers in consultation with leading tsunami experts.

Each survival capsule is designed to withstand heavy impacts and roll out from beneath debris thanks to 1,800 kg of buoyancy. Inside, there are racing-style seats with harnesses, water bladders, a GPS locator beacon, storage space for food and other supplies and 60 minutes of oxygen to be used if the sphere ends up underwater.

The capsules weigh only 136 kg, making them easy to move. They can be easily lifted by cranes or helicopters.

Optional extra features include solar panels, a music system and a dry-powder toilet.