The Surfing Robot Finds Great Whites off California

 - Aug 26, 2012
References: bbc
There is currently a Surfing Robot off the coast of California tracking sharks. Just shy of Shark Week, this robot tracks the movements of sharks, which gives oceanographers the ability to take their research further.

The robot, which is also environmentally friendly, carries all the scientific instruments necessary to track these dangerously interesting beasts. The team has also set up about five buoys with underwater receivers to help form a listening network for the robot. When a shark, or other tagged animal is within the area of the robot, their location is recorded and sent back to the scientists.

What’s really great about this particular invention is that it is shared with the general public. The accompanying (free) app to this robot, Shark Net, is a great way for people to see the sharks in real time. From their movements, to learning the animal’s history and viewing videos and photos, this app is an informative way for people to learn about sharks.