The Surena III Robot is Capable of Voice and Speech Recognition

 - Nov 24, 2015
References: & gizmag
A group of scientists and gineers at the University of Tehran have developed a high-tech humanoid, dubbed the Surena III, that is the third version of the Surena robot.

This particular robot stands 6.2 feet tall, weighs 216 pounds and features four realistic articulated limbs. Each one of its legs has six degrees of freedom, while each arm features seven degrees. The hands and torso offer one degree of freedom, while the neck offers two. All of these parts are driven by electronically controlled motors in the lower body and special servomotor packages in the upper body.

This robot's vision, voice recognition and speech modules allow it to communicate with people. It is also capable of imitating people's motions.

Robots' versatile range of functions has been evident for some time now, but this humanoid robot shows that it's possible to make robots a little more humanized and relatable, which may make them more pleasant for human beings to be around.