AnimalBiome Makes Microbiome Supplements for Dogs and Cats

 - Nov 29, 2017
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AnimalBiome makes microbiome-based supplements for dogs and cats for the purpose of bettering the health of millions of pets that live with chronic digestive disorders.

As there are generally no one-size-fits-all solutions when it comes to health, AnimalBiome has pet owners begin by ordering an assessment kit so that samples can be collected to determine the needs of one's pet. From there, AnimalBiome is able to identify a pet's gut bacteria and offer insights to pet owners. AnimalBiome offers supplements such as the Dog Gut Microbiome Restoration System, as well as the Cat Chronic Constipation Remedy as alternatives to probiotics and prescription diets.

AnimalBiome has been chosen as a Pet Care Innovation Prize Finalist by Purina alongside a handful of other innovative companies.