The 'Supersuit' Earbuds are a Safe In-Ear Headphone That Inflate

 - Oct 28, 2015
References: yankodesign
Three designers, Gong Jie, Li Bo and Chen Meiqi, created these clever inflatable headphones called the 'Supersuit.' This pair of in-ear headphones have the ability to expand to three different sizes, depending the user’s desire.

These inflatable headphones come with three different expansion sizes, which are designed to ensure the earbud remains snugly secure without damaging the ear. The designer knew that the in-ear earbuds were popular for those who used them to workout, which meant that there was a high desire to ensure the headphones stayed intact.

One great feature of the Supersuit headphones is that they ensure there is minimal sound leakage and a high level of exterior sound blockage. A simple switch located at the back of the earphone will expand the earbuds to ensure the ear canal is not being penetrated by exterior noise.