This Superbread Will Add Some Superman Powers to Your Baking Cupboard

 - Jul 2, 2013
References: kitchenoverlord & laughingsquid
The baking wizards from Kitchen Overlord have discovered an incredibly cool way of injecting Superman powers into everyday baking with their new Superman Bread recipe. Using basic bread-making ingredients, including flour, yeast and eggs, this loaf of bread is not only easy to make, but awesome to look at when it’s ready.

The exterior of the loaf is a bright blue color, while the inside is a sunny yellow with a giant red "S" snaking across its bright hue. The result is a giant Superman logo splashed across the cross-section of the loaf of bread, making this creation just a little more "super" than other, boring breads.

To achieve this Superman effect, the dough has to be separated into three parts. Each part is dyed a different color. The red and yellow doughs are folded onto one another, creating a kind of "S" shape. Finally, the blue dough is folded around both the red and yellow doughs to complete the loaf.

For kids who absolutely adore Superman and waited anxiously for the new ‘Man of Steel’ movie’s release date, this Superman Bread is the perfect way for them to express their Superman fan spirit. By bringing a couple slices of this fun and colorful bread to school, these kids will definitely be the talk of the lunchroom.