This BBC Comedy Show Hilariously Demonstrates Extreme Super Chess

 - Jan 30, 2013
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Chess is one of the most popular games of all time, but it can be a little dry if you don’t play it with these extreme super chess rules, as demonstrated by BBC Comedy.

Why would you stick to the established rules of the classic strategy game, when you can play a mutant hybrid super chess version that includes poker hands, Christmas football games, unicorn knights, Stone-Cold Steve Austin trading cards, gay rights demonstrations and diagonally moving bishops. Okay, I’m pretty sure that last one exists in normal chess too.

The highlight of the video is definitely when super chess master Kasparov unites all his pieces to create the terrifying but strategically sound Mega-Chess-a-Tron. We’re pretty sure that one is in the rules. Kasparov wins the match with a brilliant move at the end that epitomizes the tactics and sportsmanship that Super Chess is based on.