Very Studio Introduced Brightness and Fluidity to Sunny Apartment

 - Apr 11, 2018
References: facebook & archdaily
Before it was redesigned, the Sunny Apartment in Taichung relied on traditional Taiwanese architecture—its style, however, lacked proper connectivity of public spaces, as well as an agreeable amount of light exposure. Very Studio︱Che Wang Architects were tasked with restructuring the space to create a bright and fluid interior.

The firm operated within three architectural principles to create fluidity, a continuous flow of air and proper acoustics. The Sunny Apartment was given a new floor plan of a pentagon that allows for the "dynamicity of shared space [to be] caused naturally." The renovation is characterized by a bright all-white interior and beautifully arched ceiling elements that further build on the notion and understanding of fluidity as an architectural concept.

Photo Credits: Te-Fan Wang, Studio Millspace