The Shwood Canby Cactus Sunglasses Collection is Stylishly Natural

 - Apr 5, 2017
References: shwoodshop & yankodesign
The Shwood Canby Cactus sunglasses collection sees cactus stems utilized as a way to adorn the exterior of the eyewear designs in order to create a natural aesthetic.

The Shwood Canby Cactus collection is created by placing cactus stems in resin that is then machined to create the various components for the eyewear accessories. What's created is sunglasses that each have their own individual aesthetic that's inherently unique and that's far more natural in composition than other designs on the market.

The Shwood Canby Cactus sunglasses collection is a natural take on how to incorporate unexpected design aesthetics into modern fashion products. As consumers become more aware of the way that traditional fashion items can harm the planet, the need for more sustainable and natural options will likely continue to grow.