The Oleos Sunflower Oil Packaging Focuses on Wildlife

 - Oct 18, 2016
References: packageinspiration
Prepackaged products can often feel somewhat disconnected from nature, so the Oleos sunflower oil packaging takes a more direct approach to correlating the product to its humble beginnings. Designed by GLAD HEAD, the Oleos oil packaging design features a series of sculpted accents on the plastic bottle that add texture and charm to the bottle.

The label for Oleos oil features a series of scenes in nature that are created using watercolor paint. The imagery of the sunflower, its seeds and the various animals that interact with it are represented to let consumers know how it fits into the food chain for humans and animals/insects alike.

The Oleos sunflower oil branding draws a connection to the natural world and creates a more vivid, emotional experience for a simple kitchen staple product.