The Sun Shadow Pavilion by Michael Jantzen is Solar-Powered

 - Jun 16, 2012
References: trendhunter
Michael Jantzen’s Sun Shadow Pavilion was designed using the unique patterns and shapes created by the sun’s rays shining down onto the ground.

For eight hours the artist traced the shadows which were cast from the sun onto white paper from a large scale model of photovoltaic solar panels that were arranged to sit flat on the ground. Jantzen then created the layered structure using the shapes generated through this process in combination with the angle at which those shadows intersected the solar panels.

As with the majority of Jantzen’s work, this piece is purely conceptual and offers a suggestion for a unique design concept that could be used to harness the sun’s energy in a revolutionary way.

The structure, when constructed in actuality, would be solar powered and the shadows created to design the building itself would be painted onto the floor.