The 'Sun Hive' Provides an Alternative Format for Natural Beekeepers

 - Nov 25, 2015
References: scribd & treehugger
The 'Sun Hive' is a cylindrical unit that provides a different type of hive for natural beekeepers. When it comes to urban beekeeping, there is an ongoing debate over the best hive design. A proper beehive needs to balance the needs of the bees while also maximizing the production of honey.

The Sun Hive provides an alternative hive design for urban beekeeping. The hive itself is elevated eight feet off of the ground by a large wooden frame. The hive is then split in two by a wooden platform that makes it easy to access the upper portion. The upper half contains the honey, while the bottom half is filled with surplus nectar. The unique design allows the bees to build a comb from the top down, the same way that they would in the wild.

By catering to the bees' natural tendencies, the Sun Hive could help dwindling bee populations begin to thrive again.