These Paper Boutonniere Suit Accessories Simple and Stylish

For wedding attendees, these adorable boutonniere suit accessories are a quick, easy and simple DIY alternative to conventional flowers or pocket handkerchiefs. Made entirely from paper, these DIY boutonnieres are a festive summertime wedding adornment.

To make these creatively charming suit accessories, find a flower design that will compliment your suit. Once you have your flower choice, replicate the flower's shape onto a thick piece of black card. The thicker the card, the straighter the boutonniere will stand. Then, all you have to do is carefully cut out the design with a X-Acto knife, glue the design to a safety pin and pin it onto the suit's pocket or lapel.

A great alternative to traditional flowers and scarves, these dainty floral boutonnieres are stylishly innovative and inspired by the beautifully blooming summer flowers.