The Sudarsan Pattnaik Structures Are Festive and Surreal

 - Jan 4, 2013
References: sandindia & mymodernmet
Indian artist Sudarsan Pattnaik has established the Sudardan Sand Institute, an organization that will share his passion and extensive knowledge of sand-based structures and animation with his international list of pupils.

Pattnaik aims to erect breathtaking installations without compromising the natural elements of the materials that he works with. This natural focus has run central to his current exhibit in India's Puri region.

Titled 500 Santa Clauses, he has set up iconic images of the festive figure that pop up on the shores. At the peak of the scene is a message that reads "Go green, save earth." Pattnaik believes it is of great significance to incorporate a cautionary note into his pieces, "I always try to give some awareness messages through my sculpture..."