Renault's Subsidized Driver's Licenses Encourage Eco Transport

 - Nov 17, 2016
References: edelmandeportivo
Following the launch of Elbnb -- dubbed "the Airbnb for electric cars" -- Renault has launched a new proposal for issuing subsidized driver's licenses, but only to those who promote the use of eco-friendly transportation. With a growing number of consumers and businesses reducing their dependence on fossil fuels, this new program capitalizes on the rise of electric vehicles.

The new proposal from Renault involves providing free driving lessons to anyone in Sweden who chooses to sign up. The catch is that these driving lessons are only available for electric vehicle owners, meaning consumers will have to make the switch to eco-friendly transport in order to take advantage of the offer. Those who do sign up for the program will also receive subsidized driver's licenses and free parking passes for their electric vehicle.

The idea behind the new program is to not only make eco-friendly transport more accessible and affordable, but to also usher in a new driving culture focused on sustainability.