The Flood is a Submerged Underwater Photography Series

 - Nov 4, 2013
References: harryfayt & mymodernmet
You can't tell by looking at 'The Flood' by Harry Fayt, but submerged underwater photography can be difficult to capture. Fayt shot Belgian-based singer Typhene Barrow in an aquatic oasis complete with furniture. However, submerging and fixating the furniture under water did not go as swimmingly as the end result appeared; in fact, it was a rather demanding process.

Despite their technical struggles, Fayt and his team managed to create a serene underwater wonderland. Barrow appeared poised and unruffled as she lounged on the hovering furniture, betraying not an ounce of nerves at being plunged into an aqueous parlor.

The Flood is the first of many series he plans on doing with different artists and is will be exhibited at FotoFever Paris from November 15th onwards.