Sublime Moments by Eyal Gever is a Crash Course Exhibit

 - Jan 22, 2013
References: eyalgever & trendland
Sublime Moments by Eyal Gever, an artist based in Tel Aviv, Israel, is an exhibit full of visually striking sculptures. As though made from ever-moving molton metal, the pieces have a rippling shiny surface that is perpetuated by deliberately simulated crashes. From simple rectangular prisms to flower-like forms, the sculptures will take people's breaths away.

Sublime Moments by Eyal Gever is inspired by his time as a paratrooper for the Israeli military. Assigned to a desk job after contracting a kidney infection, Gever was asked to craft electronic simulations of explosions and catastrophes. He turned this experience in to work of arts that are more beautiful that horrific. It showcases impacts of pressure, gravity, chemical mixing, squeezing, explosions, rapid drying/freezing and more.