The Study Centre by StudioTacloban is Nature-Infused

The Study Centre by StudioTacloban is a sustainable school environment designed by a trio of Norwegian architecture students. Alexander E. Furunes, Ivar Tutturen and Trond Hegvold, founders of the non-profit organization StudioTacloban travelled to
the Philippines to provide underprivileged students with a chance at education.

Working in collaboration with NPO/NGO Sreetlight, the students set up a series of community workshops allowing local residents to contribute concepts for the design of their future study space.

This shack-inspired Study Centre by StudioTacloban is a school in the Philippines designed in collaboration with local townspeople. From its nature-infused design concept to its sustainable structure, made from wood materials native to the region, the countryside space is a cozy and comfortable learning environment for local students.