Studio Tord Boonje

 - Apr 22, 2007
References: tordboontje
Your grandmother's version of lace has been replaced by artistic designs that redefine the way we look at lace. The new "LACE" designs have begun to emerge particularly over the last year. These designs bring the beauty of hand-crafting from the old times into the 21st century, but with the help of the latest technologies. We are observing this fusion of old styles and modern technologies elsewhere, so why not in the world of lace?

One of the first designers who re-introduced the 'lace' in modern interiors was Tord Boonje. This curtain is made from laser-cut Tyvek, a very strong synthetic paper material. It can be hung with the double sided tape endings on the top over a wire. With scissors one can cut it to the desired length.