Studies of Australian Feathers by Jared Fowler is Minimal and Exotic

 - May 26, 2014
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There is a reason why people wear feathers as fashionable accessories, they can be incredibly beautiful; the Studies of Australian Feathers photo series offers a simple look into the beauty of such plumage. Focusing on Australian bird species, as stated in its title, these feathers are particularly colorful. It showcases nature's very own palette, one that would rival a master painter's any day.

The Studies of Australian Feathers photo series was shot by Jared Fowler, a photographer based in Brisbane, Australia. As Fubiz notes, the series does not discriminate. It captures feathers of all "shapes and colors, shading or two-colored, satiny or mottled." Captured against a basic backdrop, the portraits allow people to really appreciate all of the little details. These feathers could inspire art, tattoos, home decor and more.