The Strucchair Bench Balances an Uneven Base and an Ergonomic Surface

 - Aug 4, 2012
References: industrialdesignserved
It's funny that a great deal of outdoors-destined seating is designed with level land in mind. But unlike many park benches, the Strucchair does not rely on the installation of a flat platform below it. It has been developed with an extremely adaptable form.

Dora Medveczky's project comprises a structure with a section of two adjoined irregular quadrilaterals. It is assembled from slender planks of wood, each connected by flexible rubber joints. These soft junctures enable the stool to bend and fold according to the rise and fall of the soil and rocks beneath, only to then collapse upon itself to form a comfortable cradle. The Strucchair seats one -- anywhere in the landscape you might desire to repose.