Stretch*d Emphasizes the Importance of Stretching Following a Workout

 - Nov 27, 2018
References: stretchdspace
Stretch*d is a studio based in New York that highlights the physical care that should follow after any workout session. It aims to create a space where stretching can become an enjoyable process for effectively relieving all kinds of strain. Stretch*d offers conventional methods that can be customized to improve one's overall health through efficient stretch sessions that are available in time slots of either 25 minutes, 55 minutes of 75 minutes.

The studio ensures that stretching can increase recovery time, performance and injury risks, while also reducing stress -- all of which highlight key muscle areas, pushes the body's range of motion, ease stiffness, relieve soreness and soften joint stress. The "Stretch*d method" is a dynamic stretching exercise developed throughout the years, gathering an understanding of how different bodies work by studying professional athletes and occasional athletes.