'Strellas' Marks Special Occasions With Maps of the Heavens

 - May 9, 2018
References: strellas & producthunt
Those who aren't astronomically inclined surely wouldn't notice, but the stars in the sky are slightly different every single day of the year, and Strellas uses that fact to provide beautiful commemorative decorations. The company offers star maps that picture the night sky as it looked on any given day, letting consumers remember the magic of their special occasions through images of the vast galaxy beyond.

As the Earth rotates around the Sun, every point on the planet gains access to a different subset of stars in the night sky. Every season, the stars are different, and even across years those images changes as various stars fade away or burst into being. By providing Strellas with a date and location for a special event like a wedding or a birthday, consumers can receive a poster that shows the stars precisely as they were then.