The Stray Chair Burrows Into the Dirt for Secure and Comfy Outdoor Seating

 - May 10, 2013
References: nckrss & design-milk
For the most part, outdoor furnishings take very similar forms to what you might find beneath the shelter of a roof. The difference tends to be in the weatherproof materials used. In the case of the Stray Chair, the designer recognized that many people are drawn to interacting more closely with nature when they sit outside. Thus, Nick Ross has produced a piece of furniture that brings you down towards the earth.

The wooden chair has been made from the merging of rigid panels to take a multifaceted and geometric shape. It provides the welcome support of a backrest, as well as shallow armrests with a handle to assist the user in getting up and down. The bottom of the Stray Chair is most intriguing, featuring a helix and a spike that enable you to drill the object securely into the dirt.