Tom Wik Explores Oddity and Eccentricity in His Strange House Series

 - Apr 20, 2013
References: tinylenses & faithistorment
At first glance, the strange house captures by photographer Tom Wik may seem almost normal, however, upon closer inspection, the oddities become blatantly apparent.

Some are downright bizarre with doors halfway up the front wall and giant shrubbery blocking most of the exterior, making the curious viewer ponder what kind of people live in these homes. Some have slightly more subtle aberrations such as wonky roofs and strangely placed trees that don't seem to make much sense. The outward appearances of these homes reflect the lives and the years that have been experienced within, giving the dwellers the impression of being quirky and interesting people.

With so many homes that all look the same within cookie-cutter neighborhoods, it becomes refreshing to see a strange house every once in a while.