This Ad for 'Goodwipes' Uses a Comical Straight-Talking Spokeswoman

 - Oct 23, 2015
References: goodwipes & adweek
This hilarious small-budget ad to promote 'Goodwipes' uses a brutally honest spokeswoman to appeal to the millennial generation. The product is a sweat-ridding wipe that has multiple benefits such as its fresh scent, individual packaging and eco-friendly ingredients.

The ad features a straight-talking spokeswoman who is loud and forward, while addressing all the great aspects of Goodwipes. The ad appeals to millennials through relevant uses for these hygiene wipes. For example, the spokeswoman says, "Dirt, oil and boob sweat aren't choices you make, they just build up throughout the day -- like the hatred for your coworker who insists on having lunch outside, in the middle of August."

Her sarcastic yet charming tone produces an infectious energy that entices the audience to pay attention. This ad is a great example of how to make the most out a commercial while being limited to a small budget.