The REI Stormproof Matches are Made to Rough it Out

 - Jun 15, 2012
References: rei & hiconsumption
The REI Stormproof Matches can burn through even the roughest storms, providing a warm cozy fire wherever you are. The matchsticks are capable of burning in heavy rain and harsh winds -- even the toughest lighters may find this alternative a formidable opponent.

The matches are designed to continue burning until the added chemical dissipates or when the stick is drenched in a bucket of water. The longer-than-normal design prevents fingertips from being unintentionally singed. While these heavy-duty matches may be an overkill for a backyard barbeque, they would certainly be appreciated by hardcore backpackers. As urbanites seek refuge in the comforts of nature, products like these provide peace of mind for even amateur adventurers.

The REI Stormproof Matches will help backpackers of all levels weather the grizzliest of storms.