Kathrin Loges Captures Vast Forest Fog Within 'Stopping by Woods'

 - Sep 19, 2013
References: behance.net & behance.net
Kathrin Loges und Jan Wunderlich creates a series called 'Stopping by Woods' where she delves deep into the brush to capture creepy, foggy forest scenes. From Germany, this artist uses digital photography and photography in order to create these ghosty images.

The tree branches are seen lurking around every corner as the tall plants scatter amongst vast backgrounds. Fog covers many of the photos so that it's difficult to see the full forest; we get a glimpse and the rest is unknown. There are also images that capture trails that turn around corners we can't see, adding more mystery to the images.

'Stopping by Woods' was captured in Upper Bavaria, Germany where the unearthly setting becomes ominous and nightmarish. Kathrin Loges und Jan Wunderlich translates the vast, sublime landscape to the audience with her fantastic new series.