The Stingray by Imran Othman Can be Used Recreationally or Humanitarily

 - Sep 26, 2012
References: yankodesign
The Stingray by Imran Othman is like a segway version for the sea. But instead of standing on it, a person simply needs to sit down to be propelled around while in the water. On its most basic level, it can act as a floatation device. But for those with a more adventurous streak, it can zip people from one watery spot to the next.

Driven by a pneumatic propulsion system, the Stingray by Imran Othman does not need the use of gears or electric circuits. Instead it converts user generated energy into air flow, which propels the vehicle forward.

Designed with both recreational and humanitarian purposes in mind, the Stingray by Imran Othman can be used to help individuals during flood disasters or to enjoy a day out on the water.