These Stihl Tools Ads Promote Implements for Big Jobs

 - Oct 7, 2011
References: & adsoftheworld
The idea of using regular hair grooming utensils on this pair of out-of-control tresses is comical, so these Stihl tools ads rather recommend a grass trimmer. Most people can appreciate the usefulness of landscaping appliances, seeking to buy one when needed, but this campaign endeavors to win consumers before they hit the hardware stores.

Obviously cutting a poodle's afro and man's lion's mane of a coif and beard are not great uses for this brand's collection of gardening gizmos. The strength of this imagery conceived by the Giacometti advertising agency of Brazil is in its lighthearted humor.

The two subjects are photographed close up with a pitiful looking razor and paper scissors that are most certainly inadequate for such entangled tasks. The bulk of these Stihl tools ads are amusing enough and they become more so when you glance at their suggestions in the bottom right corner.