The AfterShokz 'Sportz 3' Open-Ear Stereo Headphones are Modern

 - Feb 11, 2016
References: & thegadgetflow
There was a shift in the headphone market several years ago towards noise-cancelling technology, but the AfterShokz 'Sportz 3' open-ear stereo headphones rebel against this.

Instead of blocking out the ambient noise of one's environment, the AfterShokz 'Sportz 3' headphones actually enable users to hear both the sounds of their surroundings and their music. The secret to the AfterShokz 'Sportz 3' open-ear headphones is in the bone conduction technology. The device sends the music waves into your cheekbones that are then intercepted by the inner ear. This enables users to keep an open ear without having to sacrifice listening to their music.

Great for outdoor activities or even just staying alert when walking around the city, the AfterShokz 'Sportz 3' open-ear stereo headphones are a step in a different direction.