Stefan Sagmeister Uses 250,000 Coins to Construct a Stirring Message

 - Nov 18, 2011
References: sagmeister & walyou
Stefan Sagmeister has created a massive public artwork made using 250,000 euro cent coins. The work was titled "Obsession make my life Worse and my work Better." Sagemeister spelled that exact phrase using the coins and it is only visible from above.

Sagmeister was able to create the piece using a team of 100 volunteers who worked over a period of six days. The piece is both literally and figuratively telling as obsessing over creating a massive piece of public art is bound to wreck your personal life, but it does wonders for your portfolio. Perhaps the most awesome thing about this piece is that when it was completed, Stefan Sagmeister left it unguarded for the public to enjoy. You can check out a time-lapse video documenting the creation of Stefan Sagmeister's "Obsessions make my life Worse and my work Better" here.