This Outdoor Tool Uses Simple Battery Power to Start Steel Wool Fires

 - Nov 19, 2015
References: kickstarter & coolthings
This simple outdoor tool is able to easily ignite tinder through a battery power and steel wool fire method.

The 'Sparky' is a tool designed to look like a basic everyday pen. The tube-shaped metal container holds two AAA batteries, and a copper metal tip is concealed by a simple screw-on cap with clip. When the fire starter's is held against some fine steel wool, the electrical conductivity between the positively charged tip and negatively charged body sends a current through the steel wool to create sparks.

This steel wool fire starter is also perfectly safe to touch and handle. With this method, fires can even be lit in wet or windy conditions, and this method isn't even restricted to just using steel wool. The 'Sparky' can also achieve the same sparking effect using aluminum foil as well.