Oakley Architecture at SoCal Head Office

 - Aug 29, 2008
References: fastcompany
Forget Google. I want to work for Oakley. I want a cubicle with a B 52 Bomber as an office chair. I want to look up and see bolts a foot wide holding the building together. I want to feel like I am in the future or in the past depending on which prescribed med I forgot to take. This is without a doubt one of the most innovative corporate headquarters evah.

The Oakley head office was "inspired by Blade Runner, and while the house was never completed, the company HQ finally delivered on that vision," Fast Company explains. "The typical glass box that is de rigueur for many SoCal corporations just wasn't an option. Baden recalls: 'We said, Why not create something very progressive, but build it as if you didn't know if it was happening a thousand years from now or happened a thousand years before we got here?'"

(Aside: I wish they made Oakley's with trifocals.)