Pencil & Correct Create Quirky Designs from Pencils and More

This quirky stationery composition artwork from Pencil & Correct manages to turn mundane objects such as erasers and notebooks into beautiful pieces of design.

As stated on DesignBoom, "paper, scissors, sharpeners, erasers, pencils and stickers are a few of the items placed in quirky photos, each harmoniously composed as playful patterns and whimsical prints." These prints can be bought from the Pencil & Correct online store, which also sells a number of other adorable art collections.

It's amazing to see just how creative the team at Pencil & Creative can be with just a few school supplies. The prints make one realize how people do not need a beautiful landscape setting for inspiration or motivation, and can create stunning artwork from materials that most would only use for their original purpose. Photo Credits: designboom, presentandcorrect