Equipped with the Modernized Version of 3D Printing, the UP! Start Plus 3D

 - Aug 28, 2014
References: thegadgetflow
Never keep your ideas confined within the computer again with your very own domestic UP! Start Plus 3D Printer. Having a complete metal construction build, this 3D printer wastes no time in giving shape to all those weird and not-so-weird creations you think of.

The print job is directly stored in the printer, which makes it possible for you to turn off the computer even when the printer is undergoing the printing process. It weighs around 5kg and is a smart solution to have indoors in case sculpting is one of your favorite tasks everyday. Be it creating a mini-model of your next project or a simple metal toy, UP! will be at your service anytime in the day as long as you have enough metal to feed it with.