Starbucks Postcard Sleeves Cover the Shame of Other Brands

 - Aug 22, 2012
References: & gawker
In a hostile and hilarious marketing ploy by Starbucks Coffee, the brand has created Starbucks postcard sleeves that can be used to cover your non-Starbucks coffee cup.

Starbucks has been open in Russia since 2007, but hasn't had the same dominant success it experienced in other places. In response, advertising agency BBDO Moscow created this marketing strategy and placed the Starbucks postcard sleeves in stores adjacent to rival coffee shops. BBDO Moscow claims that the ploy has increased franchise ownership.

This stunt proves that it doesn't matter what brand of coffee you drink, it only matters what brand of coffee everyone thinks that you drink. The more folks see that circular green mermaid symbol walking around their streets, the more they will want to join the club.