The Kiss' Star Wars Necklaces are Intergalactic Chic

Online store The Kiss is selling chic Star Wars necklaces just ahead of the franchise's latest film debut. Unlike most Star Wars-affiliated merchandise, these pieces are less geek and more chic.

Featuring three necklaces, these pieces of sci-fi jewelry are highly fashion-forward. Each necklace is based on an iconic Star Wars character, making these pieces even more special. While the blue Quartz necklace is inspired by the Jedi, the onyx accessory is designed after the Sith Lord. Both of the aforementioned necklaces feature the movie's title inscribed at the side of the pendant, while the last piece is an emblem that reads: 'MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU' on one side and 'SITH. COME TO THE DARK SIDE' on the other.

These Star Wars necklaces are available at The Kiss' online boutique.