This Spock Dress from ‘Geek La Chic’ is Stylish

 - Dec 17, 2013
References: geeklachic
This Star Trek dress is perfect for the retro sci-fi nerd. Wear this Star Trek dress and everyone will know that you pledge your allegiance to the Federation. So go forth, young nerdette, and live long and party with your nerd herd. This Star Trek dress from ‘Geek La Chic’ pays tribute to the old space-exploring classic. Star Trek is credited with being the first modern fandom and for the wide spread popularity of fan-fiction.

On this gorgeous garment are repeated prints of Capitan Kirk, the first in command of the USS Enterprise, and First Officer Mister Spock. The prints of the iconic characters are copied all over the fabric of the dress. Some of the images of the print show the two together and some show them apart.

This is a strapless Star Trek dress, which makes it perfect for any after-convention parties.