This $300 Stainless Steel Razor Has a Platinum-Coated Feather Blade

 - Nov 2, 2015
References: onebladeshave & ohgizmo
The 'OneBlade' is a stainless steel razor that is dubbed as the "world's best" and sold for a whopping $300.

With a military-grade PVD coating and a hand-polished finish, the smooth shaver is corrosion-resistant and easy to clean in order to make it shine. It even has a Teflon-coated stainless steel spring -- the flashiness in materials matching its price. The German-grade stainless steel razor has just a single blade -- a platinum-coated Japanese Feather blade. Though its name makes it sound extremely expensive, that blade can be replaced for only $1 -- making the piece a slightly more affordable investment.

The limited-edition razor is meant to be a treasure, passed down from generation to generation as a symbol or congratulatory gift of manhood.