The Stained Underwear Wallet Deviously Deceives Theives

 - Sep 24, 2012
References: amazon & thisiswhyimbroke
You will never have an issue with people getting too close to your money ever again if you use a Stained Underwear Wallet. Even if the potential thieves are not put off by rifling through your intimates to get at some dough, chances are they wouldn't dare touch these seemingly excrement-covered undies.

With a prominent feces stain on the back and a discreet Velcro-sealed compartment for your valuables in the front, the panties are an unusual product that is actually creatively useful. Poop-stained panties that can stash your cash are inconceivably deceptive, keeping away thieves and snooping airport security.

The Stained Underwear Wallet is a completely new take on traditional wallets, as money-holders have never before been this up close and personal.