The Elegantly Suave St. Dupont Pens by Karl Lagerfeld

 - Jul 15, 2011
References: st-dupont & selectism
Writers require good pens, so why not spend a little more on something fancy like these St. Dupont Pens by Karl Lagerfeld?

The German designer has designed clothes, Coke bottles and has dabbled into photography. Now he's trying his hand with writing utensils with these St. Dupont Pens by Karl Lagerfeld. As expected, the writing utensils look chic, suave, elegant and any other adjective that defines high-class and luxury. Just for that extra touch of class, these are fountain pens with a glimmering gold nib. These glorious items are available in either lacquer red or slick black.

With the upcoming St. Dupont Pens by Karl Lagerfeld, it makes me wonder what other project the designer will get his hands on.