Squishfacekitens Reveals a Spiky Cat

The author of the curiously titled Tumblr blog, 'Squishfacekitens' recently posted a picture of a cat who's been shaved so as to resemble a stegosaurus.

There are many cat enthusiasts who might take issue with this admittedly unorthodox feline hairdo, but no one can argue that it's boring. The perfectly pyramidal spikes that adorn the kitty's back look like they could easily poke one's eye out. Judging by the look on the cat's face, it seems it wouldn't mind doing just that to its stylist.

Still, whatever one's ethical concerns, one needs to appreciate the handiwork behind this creation. It's hard enough trying to bathe a cat or dog, let alone shaving most of its fur off so that it looks like something one would see on the Discovery Channel.