This Homemade Pasta Recipe Features an Eerie Black Coloring

 - Oct 28, 2015
References: food52 & food52
Squid ink is a great way to add a dark color and bold flavor to a dish as proven with this squid ink pasta that is ideal for Halloween thanks to its spooky hue. The noodles are infused with the ink to create a dark black color that features a ghoulish aesthetic perfect for any Hallowe's eve meal.

While you might expect squid ink to have a fishy taste to it, it is actually much more subdued with a salty aroma instead. The squid ink to make the pasta cab be purchased and the color added to homemade noodles made from flour and egg. The dough is rolled and then sliced into strings before boiling. You can top the black noodles with any sauce while a cream one will add the most color contrast.